Hey friend,

So glad you're here 🤩

I'm Amirra, occupational therapist turned personal finance enthusiast, sharing the real, open, and honest conversations about money & finance that we never had in school.

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Hey friend,

So glad you're here 🤩

I'm Amirra, occupational therapist turned personal finance enthusiast, sharing the real, open, and honest conversations about money & finance that we never had in school.

Here's my story

2.5 years ago I graduated from OT school with a doctorate degree, multiple six figures of student loan debt and no clue what the heck I was doing with my money. Can you relate? 

I thought about everything I’d sacrificed to get to this point - time, energy, money (a whole lot of it) and I made up my mind. I wanted more. I needed more. I deserved more because I was worth more (and so are you). I was tired of feeling overwhelmed + stressed. 

So I decided to do something about it.

I buckled down, got serious, and made a plan - an exact blueprint - to get out of debt while simultaneously building wealth. Fast forward to today and I've learned how to control my money and make it work for me, not against me through strategically managing my income as an early intervention provider. I know what it's like to feel stuck, I'm here to show you exactly how to take the first step. 

There is a major gap between what we learn in school and what we need to know for life.

I've talked to hundreds of new graduates, all with the same story. 

You've graduated from your dream program and are eager to work and start getting paid, but not sure what to be doing with that money. You've tried to create a money management strategy but have trouble sticking to it. You often overspend because you don’t have good financial balance. You're stressed about the impact massive student loan debt will make.

You're in desperate need of guidance because you don’t know where to start. Everyone keeps screaming "become an entrepreneur! Start a side hustle!" but that is way easier said than done. You're just trying to figure it out. 

I'm on a mission...
I'm dedicated to helping [new grad] rehab clinicians learn how to manage money with less stress and more confidence through a method that's simple, realistic, and achievable. That's the #MirracleMoneyMethod.


Meet Amirra



Dr. Amirra Condelee, OTD, OTR/L is an Arizona-based healthcare blogger, content creator, speaker, and pediatric occupational therapist passionate about all things OT, faith, and finance. Amirra is the creator of The Mirracle Money Blueprint and founder of Marvelous Mirracles, a social platform dedicated to helping rehab professionals, learn to build wealth and manage money with less stress and more confidence..

  • MGH Institute of Health Professions: Alum Amirra graduated in June 2019 with a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy with a special research concentration in pediatrics, neonatal therapy, and feeding therapy conducted at Seattle Children's Hospital.
  • Marvelous Mirracles Pediatric Therapy, LLC  Amirra currently practices as an independent contractor, exclusively in early intervention and pediatric home health services. She specializes in infants born premature and infants born substance exposed.
  • Mirracle Money, LLC Amirra provides financial coaching services and consultation specifically for healthcare and rehabilitation clinicians. She also partners with financial and healthcare brands as a content creator.

Amirra served as an executive board member for the Arizona OT Association from 2020-2022 and helped establish the Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ad-hoc committee. She was awarded the 2021 Outstanding Occupational Therapist of the Year.




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Where to next?



The Crash Course

Student? OT, PT, SLP? New Grad in Healthcare? This FREE resource has been designed to support you as a rehab professional as you navigate the financial side of #adulting with ease. Ready? Let's do this!



The Mini Course

Learn how to position yourself to find and land a higher paying job, conduct the best market research on OT salary, and ALL things negotiation. Designed especially for new grads preparing to enter the workforce.



The Live Masterclass

Get my 5-step blueprint for how to achieve financial success so that you can start building wealth with your 9-5 income, plus we're covering student loan debt + investing. Oh, and did I mention, it's free to attend!


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