5 Steps to Financially Prepare to Become a Stay at Home Mama

It ain’t easy…

👉🏾 Delaying our financial goals 

👉🏾 Being in student loan debt even longer    

👉🏾 Postponing buying a house indefinitely 

👉🏾 Knowing earlier retirement is off the table 

The decision to stay home with J was full of concern, sacrifices, and ultimately acceptance that we were just going to have to adjust our life and know that it would look a little different.

But it’s also a decision we’d do a million times over because for us, it is 1000% worth it ❤️

To the mama’s who have asked how to financially make it work, here are my top 5 tips:

💰 Identify if you can truly live off just your spouses income. Spoiler alert: you likely can! but you’ll need to really crunch the numbers. This is where major sacrifice comes in.

⬇️ Decrease household spending so that you are living way below your means, cut out any and all unnecessary expenses

🎯 Re-evaluate goals such as debt payoff, home buying, retirement, you may need to adjust the timeline a bit

🎓 Make sure you can *always* cover the minimum payment on your student loans so the balance doesn’t increase

🤩 Get creative! Learn how to live frugally while still enjoying life (couponing, thrifting, happy hour dates, clearance shopping only)

I promise it’s possible.


💬 What tips do you have to add? Anything making your life easier these days? Let me know because I’m taking notes!