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The Crash Course in Personal Finance...That You Didn't Get in Grad School



Student? OT, PT, SLP? New Grad in Healthcare? this is for you…


Get an Inside Peek

Inside peek into the financial game plan I used to afford my desired lifestyle while simultaneously paying off my student loans AND investing


Move Past the Fluff

Move past the fluff and get straight to the point so you can quickly get over that stuck feeling and instantly know where to start


Save Money Immediately

Create your unique roadmap and put your plan into action so you can see results and start saving money immediately


Hey, I'm Amirra!

Your new money mentor, financial BFF, and fellow new grad therapist who actually gets it. 

2.5 years ago I graduated from OT school with a doctorate degree, multiple six figures of student loan debt and no clue what I was doing with my money. I felt embarrassed, overwhelmed, and stressed. So I decided to do something about it.

I buckled down, got serious, and made a plan - an exact blueprint - to get out of debt while simultaneously building wealth.

Fast forward to today and I've learned how to control my money and make it work for me, not against me.

The #MirracleMoneyMethod I teach is how I'm building wealth and investing in my future while slowly chipping away at my massive mountain of student loan debt. I know what it's like to feel stuck, I'm here to show you exactly how I took the first step and guide you through how you can do it, too.

This resource has been designed to support you as a rehab professional as you navigate the financial side of #adulting with ease. Ready to jump in? Let's do this!


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