Ep 3. Making Six Figures as a New Grad OT

Season #1

Were you led to believe 80k was the average salary for an OT only to have a rude awakening when you actually started your job hunt? Are you worried about being able to make enough money to pay off your student loans in a reasonable amount of time? Do you feel frustrated not knowing how you can earn more money as an OT? If the answer is yes, yes, and yes, then this is the episode for you. No one goes into OT for the money and of course pay isn't everything, but it is a big piece of the puzzle when you've got student loan debt. In today's show I'm sharing exactly how you can maximize your earning potential especially as a new grad OT so that you can potentially make up to six figures. It may be difficult, it may be rare, it may be a challenge...but I promise it isn't impossible. 

In today’s show, we’re chatting about:

  • The highest paying states + settings
  • The importance of flexibility and creativity in earning more money
  • What it means to "follow" the money
  • Ways to earn beyond your base pay
  • Why job negotiation as a new grad matters
  • Making more money beyond traditional OT work


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