Ep 4. The First Steps to Getting Your Finances on Track

Season #1

The first few months after graduation is THE critical time to establish good money practices but how do you do this when you were never taught how? Despite being in the educational system for 10+ years. In today’s show I’m sharing exactly the steps to take if you have the desire to just feel like you know what you’re doing with your money, and you have the very basics covered. If I was starting all over again today, right now, this is step by step what I’d do. This is gonna be a take action packed episode, so I hope you’re ready to take some notes. 

In today’s show, we’re chatting about:

  • 5 exact steps to get your finances on track 
  • The importance of reviewing your current financial situation/status
  • Why having an emergency fund is crucial & how much to have 
  • How to create a quick and easy debt repayment plan 
  • The basics you need to know about your employer sponsored retirement plan
  • The type of financial goals you should have 


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