Ep 9. Is the Degree Worth the Debt?

Season #1

Is the degree worth the debt? That’s the instagram message that inspired me to grab my mic and start recording. So on today’s episode, I’m sharing my answer to this question and as always I promise to keep it real. No fluff. No sugarcoating. No beating around the bush. I’m going to tell you exactly the max amount of student loan debt I advise going into to become an OT and give you step-by-step instructions for pursuing OT on the cheapest path possible. And because this topic can sometimes be clouded with negativity, I’m also going to share why despite the cons, OT is still worth a career worth pursuing. 

In today’s show, we’re chatting about:

  • What I wish someone would’ve told me when I was accepted into OT school 
  • The biggest financial drawbacks of this profession
  • The max amount of debt I advise going into to become an OT 
  • Breaking down the financial impact on a 100k loan (note: numbers taken from Bankrate and Smart Asset, numbers subject to vary)
  • The cheap path to become an OT
  • My top 5 tips for becoming an OT with the least amount of debt possible 
  • Is OT still a career worth pursuing?


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