Ep 19. The Power of Pivoting to Reignite your OT Passion with Nancy Yamoah

Season #1

Show Summary:

It’s officially occupational therapy month! Happy OT month to all of the incredible OT practitioners out there making your mark on our profession, and changing the world. Today on the show we're joined by Nancy Yamoah, OTP who is a light in our profession, and truly embodies what it means to be a fulfilled and happy OT entrepreneur. In this conversation, we dive into how we as clinicians can reignite our passion for OT by pivoting into different areas of our profession, and exploring entrepreneurship, non traditional paths, and so much more. Although OT isn’t perfect, Nancy and I both believe we all have the ability to really turn this career into the perfect for each of us based on our unique interests, skills, and abilities.

Regardless of where you are on your OT journey, this is the episode you need to hear to remind you of your why and the initial light that you drew you into OT. I hope it inspires you, motivates you, helps you to reignite your love and passion for this beautiful profession we get to share together. After all, I think that’s what OT month is all about. Celebrating what we do and who we are as OTPs! 

 In today’s show, we’re chatting about:

  • Nancy's journey from traditional OT to entrepreneurship
  • The role mindset plays in taking the leap into OT entrepreneurship 
  • How Nancy gained clarity in how she wanted to support other OTs
  • Using entrepreneurship to fill the gaps in our profession 
  • The importance of focusing on impact, not money 
  • Leaving OT isn't the answer...so what is? 
  • Finding solutions to burnout and unhappiness as an OT
  • Earning potential in traditional OT vs entrepreneurship 
  • Leveraging your skills to create a fulfilling OT career 

Guest Bio:

Nancy Yamoah, OTP is a seasoned entrepreneur and occupational therapist dedicated to empowering clinicians to thrive beyond traditional practice. As the founder of Lovelyy Consults, Nancy leverages her diverse entrepreneurial background, which includes pioneering ventures in eBay clothing e-commerce, makeup artistry, tutoring, and digital product creation. With three ebooks under her belt and a wealth of experience in organizing workshops, providing 1:1 consulting services, and hosting transformative retreats for clinicians, Nancy is passionate about helping her peers unlock their potential and achieve financial freedom through entrepreneurship. Her mission is clear: to assist 100 clinicians in 2024 in jumpstarting their entrepreneurial journey, both online and offline.


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