Ep 10. Is the OTD worth the price tag?

Season #1

What exactly is the occupational therapy doctorate degree (OTD)? Do you really need a doctorate degree to become an OT? Will it be mandatory to have in order to practice one day? Is it a requirement to go into academia? Is it worth getting into even more debt? These are the questions that come up frequently when pre-OT students are considering becoming an OT. The masters vs doctorate debate is a hot topic in our profession and has been for quite some time. Depending on who you ask, the answer will be different. But of course, it’s me, so I’m always going to spin it back to the finances. So in today’s episode, I’m breaking down the OTD, including the questions to ask yourself if you’re considering getting it, and most importantly answering the question: is the OTD actually worth the price tag? Ready to get into it? Let’s go. 

In today’s show, we’re chatting about:

  • Life updates!
  • Why I personally decided to get an OTD 
  • Questions to ask yourself before getting an OTD 
  • The OTD mandate rumor 
  • Do you need an OTD to go into academia? 
  • Is the OTD price tag worth it?
  • Alternative options to getting an OTD 


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