Ep 11. It's Okay for OTs to Talk About Money with Sarah Putt

Season #1

Is it okay for occupational therapy practitioners to talk about money? I mean after all, we didn’t go into this career for the money, right? So is it really necessary for us to have these conversations? These are the questions that inspired today’s episode where we have a very special guest that I cannot wait for you to hear from. Joining me on the podcast is my dear friend, my EI bestie, and of course the amazing podcast guru, Sarah Putt, better known online as OT 4 Lyfe and we're chatting all about why occupational therapists need to be having these discussions about money. Our mission in this episode together is to normalize these conversations within the healthcare community, specifically as OTs, where we don’t have these discussions nearly enough. I know it may feel a little uncomfortable, because money is highly emotional, but I really encourage you to keep an open mind, and be receptive to the conversation because when we talk about money together, we learn, we grow, and ultimately, we can do better.

In today’s show, we’re chatting about:

  • Sarah's three words that come to mind when she thinks of money
  • Sarah's OT background 
  • What we knew about the financial side of OT before we pursued it 
  • Did we have financial conversations in OT school?  
  • What type of financial education we'd love to see in our graduate programs
  • Why talking about money is uncomfortable for us as OTPs
  • Is financial freedom as an OT possible?
  • Ways OTs can increase our earning potential


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