Ep 14. No One Goes Into OT to Become Rich...Right?

Season #1

Show Summary:

No one goes into OT to become rich, right? I mean certainly there’s careers and fields out there that when people pursue them, it’s known that they’re going to be financially comfortable, on some level. So maybe they aren’t going into those professions to become rich but they do know okay I’m going to make a good living. But - is OT one of those professions? Do people look at our career and say to themselves “that’s definitely a path that will lead me to be where I want to be financially”? Today’s episode was inspired by a lot of things - the recent medicare cuts, the recent boom of OT entrepreneurship, the ongoing conversation across social media about how as a whole OTs aren’t particularly satisfied with their pay, and lastly, how OT was just named #4 in best healthcare jobs. I’m giving my uncandid, no fluff, brutally honest opinion. Of course, I’ll never leave you on a negative note so we’re also going to be chatting about how you can maximize your earning potential in this career and ultimately how our profession can be associated with financial comfort because my dream is for us to become one of those professions that people pursue knowing they’ll be financially comfortable, not struggling. 

In today’s show, we’re chatting about:

  • Life Updates! 
  • OT ranked #4 in best healthcare jobs 
  • What the latest medicare cuts means for clinicians 
  • How to advocate for congress to take action 
  • The [kinda] recent boom of OT entrepreneurship
  • Is entrepreneurship the way to go if you want to be financially comfortable in this career?
  • Ways to maximize your earning potential aside from starting a business 
  • NEW RESOURCE ALERT: Ultimate Negotiation Script


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