Ep 18. Money Matters in Occupational Therapy

Season #1

Show Summary:

I love OT and I love what we do as OTs but I can’t help but to feel like we’re not spending enough time talking about the real issues in this profession that are impacting so many of us; from burn out to unrealistic productivity expectations to pay stagnation to crippling student loan debt. Every profession has its drawbacks and flaws - but I truly believe a large majority of the issues OTs are facing all tie back to one thing: money. So, in today’s episode we’re getting right to the heart of it and breaking down the money matters that need to be brought to the light in this profession. What does money have to do with the emphasis on starting businesses? Is entrepreneurship the new gold standard in this profession? Is traditional OT fading into the background? What does money have to do with the push to start businesses? Is money an underlying factor in the rapid rate of burn out OTs are experiencing? And lastly, why are we feeling guilty for wanting to make more money as OTs? I’m ready to dive into it all and give my honest hot takes because money is a real part of life, money matters in the real world, money matters to us as adults, and money matters in occupational therapy. 

In today’s show, we’re chatting about:

  • Life + Biz updates!
  • Is entrepreneurship becoming the gold standard in OT? 
  • Is traditional OT fading into the background? 
  • Major money related issues impacting our profession
  • Rising education costs, lack of salary transparency, retirement planning challenges
  • The importance of prioritizing financial wellness
  • How to maximize your income as a traditional therapist 


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